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Patriot Scholars complete a minimum of 27 credits of Honors curriculum classes over the four years of their undergraduate study: Patriot Scholars take all their RMU core communication skills courses (12 credits) together in Honors sections.

  • CSHR 1020- Honors Argument and Research
  • CSHR 1030- Honors Public Speaking and Persuasion
  • CSHR 2040- Honors Professional Communication in the Workplace
  • CSHR 2050- Honors Intercultural Communication

  • Students will choose at least two Honors sections of RMU General Education courses (6 credits):

  • ACCT 2035- Honors Intro to Financial Accounting
  • ECON 1015- Honors Survey of Economics
  • ECON 1035- Honors Principles of Microeconomics
  • ELIT 2065- Honors World Literature
  • GEOL 1095- Honors Stars, Planets, and the Cosmos
  • HIST 1105- Honors US History I
  • HUMA 1015- Honors Humanities: Arts and Music
  • INFS 1025- Honors Intro to Decision Support Systems
  • POLS 1025- Honors American National Government
  • PSYC 1015- Honors General Psychology
  • SOCI 1025- Honors Contemporary American Social Problems

  • Students will complete an honors seminar course (3 credits) with a "B" or better. Alternatively, selected study abroad experiences may fulfill this requirement. Topics of past honors seminar have included:

  • Math, Music and Art
  • Presidential Leadership
  • Physics and Sport
  • Topics in Sustainability
  • Identities & Inequalities: Race, Class, Gender, Sex
  • Creating the Magic: Walt Disney World

  • Students will complete an honors theses (6 credits)

  • HNRS 4900 (3 credit class) Honors Research Methodology
  • HNRS 4911 (1 credit indepentdent study) Honors Thesis Research supervised by a faculty thesis advisor.
  • HNRS 4912 (2 credit independent study) Honors Thesis Completion and Presentation supervised by a faculty thesis advisor. All Honors Theses will be presented at the Undergraduate Research Conference.