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For a complete listing of upcoming events, check out the RMU Honors Program Calendar on Google Calendar, which you can add to your calendar and always be up-to-date on honors events.

In addition to cultural trips downtown, networking lunches, study breaks, pizza parties and reading groups, the honors program hosts several special events throughout the year. The RMU Roundtable Series, for instance, is a forum for professors and guest lecturers to present their research to the campus community.

Honors students can enjoy expanding their literary horizons through the Honors book clubs offered each semester. Books clubs are both faculty and student led and meetings are typically held in the Honors Student Center. Suggestions for future books clubs are always welcome!

The honors program sponsors several events throughout for the entire RMU community, for instance to the Going to Graduate School Seminar and Featured Speaker Series in the fall. In the spring, the Honors program co-hosts an annual Undergraduate Research Conference. The 2014 Undergraduate Research Conference had a record number of participants and students presented on a vast array of topics, ranging from meteorology to life insurance.

Research Conference

For the past 10 years, the University Honors Program has sponsored the Intersections Undergraduate Research Conference, which highlights the various intersections between disciplines, research, and methodologies from undergraduate students at RMU and in the region.

All undergraduate majors and years were invited to present research at the Eleventh Annual Intersections Undergraduate Research Conference on April 21, 2017. Individual students presented 10-minute presentations, poster presentations, and groups of students proposed 50-minute panel presentations.

For more information contact:
Lindsey Sobolosky
Honors Program Specialist
412-397-5949 phone
412-397-6044 fax
Franklin 109

The Roundtable Series

The Roundtable Series is hosted by the Honors Program every semester. Rountables are an informal forum in which faculty and guest lecturers can present on their research and topics of interest to the campus community. Please see below for a list of upcoming and past Roundtable presentations.

Spring 2017

  1. Guest Speakers Bradley C.S. Watson, Jennifer Sweet-Cushman, and Gladden Pappin ~ "The 2016 Presidential Election in Retrospect: A Panel Discussion"
  2. RMU Professor Soren Fanning~ "From Russia with Love: A Look Inside Putin's Russia"
  3. RMU Honors Students Allison Dushack and Jocelyn Young~ "What's APP?!"
  4. RMU Professor Connie Ruzich~ "The Forbidden Zone: Women's Poetry and Boundaries in the First World War"
  5. RMU Professor Monica VanDieren~ "What You Need to Know about Google but Were Afraid to Ask"

Fall 2016

  1. RMU Professors Anthony Moretti and Justin DePlato and Students ~ "What We Saw At The Party Conventions"
  2. RMU Professor Soren Fanning~ "WWI: The Biggest American War You've Forgotten"
  3. Former RMU Rooney Scholar Tanvir Wasti~ "Turkey: The Recent Past"
  4. RMU Professor Alan Smith~ "Research Strategies"
  5. RMU Professor Petros Malakyan~ "Engaging in Organizational Leadership is Everybody's Business"