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Apps About Making



Daisy the Dinosaur. Not being a digital native myself, I miss the days when everything you bought included directions. Because who would have thought that ‘Challenge Mode’ was the tutorial which, once you find it, actually does a great job of walking you through how to instruct Daisy. In this app, students drag and drop commands into the programming box. There are 9 commands which can even be nested. When the code is played, Daisy the Dinosaur moves as instructed. It is an interested introduction to computer programming for students in K-2nd grade.



Toontastic. Toontastic. This is a digital storytelling app for children ages 5-7. The app allows children to select scenes, characters, animation, and music. Then they record their own narration. It walks students through storytelling by setting up the parts of the story (setup, conflict, challenge, climax, and resolution). In the storytelling app, children can let their imagination and creativity go wild!



Monster Physics. This is a fun, engaging application for students in grades 4-8. Users create their own monster avatar/player. They build their own contraptions with various materials. Then they use the vehicle/contraption to solve a mission such as safe landing, space launch, thread the needle (the full version has over 50 missions). Through this program, students can learn about mass, gravity, acceleration, etc. It is fabulous!



Coaster Crazy. This is an app for kids of all ages. The user picks a location for the theme park then designs a roller coaster out of whatever material they choose and with various loops, tunnels, hills, etc. Then they test the roller coast for completeness, speed, and force. If they choose, the user can then play the game by charging for the ride, opening other parks, etc.