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Multicultural Apps



StoryPanda Book Apps is a free app much like a library to store storybooks that can be purchased. The multimedia books allow the reader to interact by entering text to respond to the book, animating characters, changing props, and choosing storyline options. The best feature is creating your own storybook where children can edit the original book with different characters, text, etc., and save it as their own book to be shared with others. One library example is from our recommended book list, It’s Okay to be Different by Todd Parr. This storybook is also available in multiple languages.



The Classic Greek Aesop Fable, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, was brought to life by VL2. This bilingual app gives the reader the choice of reading the text, watching the signed story told in American Sign Language, or both. In addition, the learn feature allows the user to look used key signed vocabulary. The illustrations are colorful, the signing is animated, and both should keep the reader engaged.



The Neomad Interactive Comic will become a favorite storybook app for any boy! It is a science fiction comic book app created by a group of boys from Australia involved with the Yijala Yala Project. It also contains video clips of the boys themselves setting up the stories. It amazingly combines information on an indigenous culture with futuristic, imaginative adventures.



Awa, You Dream Too Much is a storybook which can be read and listened to in English or French. The reader steps into the daydream of Awa, an African village child. By tapping on the words, the corresponding object is animated. The app has beautiful illustrations of the Amazon. This app is geared toward younger children.



The Global Sleepover app includes stories set in various continents, countries, and states such as Brazil, Rwanda, Vienna, Indian, Antarctica, and Alaska. Each storybook is sold separately and would be appealing to children in grades 2-6. The app has great drawings and interactions. Each book also has a teacher guide and country facts on their website: www.globalsleepover.com.