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Program Options

Global Approved Programs

The Center for Global Engagement's
Global Approved Semester Programs

These semester-long programs have been given the Global Seal of Approval! That means you will pay your regular RMU tuition for the semester you are abroad, and most of your financial aid will transfer. You will be responsible for your housing, meals, flight, and any additional personal expenses.

Click the links below to see the Global Approved Programs that offer courses in each of RMU's five schools. While your school should be your first stop, also consider looking at programs in other schools if you want to take electives abroad.

SBUS           SCIS           SESS           SEMS           SNHS

RMU has partnerships with many universities around the world. If you are interested in immersing yourself in a new culture, check out this page with all of our Exchange Partners.

Please note: Global Approved Semester Programs are subject to addition or removal without notice. Please check with a study abroad advisor to confirm the program eligibility.


Faculty-Led Education Abroad Programs (FLEAPs)

FLEAPs are short (usually two-week) academic programs abroad led by RMU faculty members and with other RMU students. FLEAPs are a great introduction to studying abroad if you're not ready for a semester. They can also add a Global Perspective to your RMU coursework and fulfill the Transcultural/Global Experiences SET requirements. Costs are generally between $2,500 and $3,500.

Other Semester

Affiliated Semester Abroad Programs

If you can't find a Global Approved Program that meets your specific needs, you are welcome to search for a program that does. Click this link to see a list of providers that RMU works closely with. 

Please note that there may be additional costs associated with studying abroad on a program that is not a Global Approved Program. Speak with Jesse Phillips if you want to participate on an affiliated program.


Other Summer Abroad Programs

Studying abroad for a month or two during the summer is a great way to experience life abroad without disrupting the progression of courses for your major on campus. You will pay the cost of these programs directly to the provider and the credits will be listed as transfer credits on your transcript.

Work Intern

Intern Abroad

An internship is another option for a summer abroad, and employers love to see international work experience on your resume! Some internships are fully-funded or even give you a stipend. However, other internships require payment in order to find you a placement, and you are responsible for all costs associated with the program you choose. The listings on this page have been chosen specifically to give you the best options financially and professionally.

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