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Study Abroad Forms and Materials


  • Interest Form  - submit this form to the Center for Global Engagement to be put on the list of interested students. You will recive updates relelvant to your interests and notification about important deadlines. You will need to be signed into your RMU account for this form to work.
  • Pre-Advising Goals Worksheet  - this must be completed before your first advising meeting
  • Apply for your Passport now! It's never too early to get your passport, and delays could cost you more money!

Semester Abroad Programs - RMU Application

Note that your application must be complete before you will be nominated and able to apply to your study abroad program. Please consider this when determining appropriate timelines.

  • Application  - You must sign into Revolution to access this application.
  • Faculty Recommendation - This form must be filled out by an RMU faculty member.
  • Personal Recommendation - This form can be filled out by anyone who is not related to you, including a second faculty member.
  • Course Substitution  - This form should be discussed with your academic advisor and approved by department heads; see instructions on this page for more details. The first draft of this form is due with your application. It is for semester abroad students only.
  • Summer Course Transfer Form  - This form should be discussed with your academic advisor and approved by department heads. It is for summer abroad students only.

This form must be completed after you are nominated to study abroad by the CGE:

For students who have completed the RMU application and are preparing to go abroad or are already abroad:

  • While Abroad  - Click here to see advice from past students and a copy of pre-departure orientation with links to useful websites.

Faculty-Led Programs (FLEAPs)

All Students

Contact the CGE

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