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Proposal Process

Nursing Simulation CenterThe funding proposal process is intended to be a collegial endeavor with full university support. Early and frequent informal communication among prospective principal investigators, academic administrators and the Research & Grants Administration and Financial Operations can help enrich the proposal development process, enhance the opportunity for success and will help ease some of the principal investigator's administrative burdens during the research. In addition, some research may require Institutional Review Board approval prior to the submission of requests for funding. The Research & Grants Administration can help principal investigators with the IRB review process.

The Formal Proposal Development Process
The formal part of the University's internal process begins with submission of the draft proposal project budget and the research proposal process form to the Department Head and the Dean for review and approvals. The documentation needed for this part of the process includes:

• A copy of the request for proposal (including any guidelines that the proposal must follow, budget limitations, submission format and deadlines)
• The draft proposal
• A draft budget using the university budget preparation form (available electronically and on the website)
• The grant proposal process form

Account descriptions are provided in Appendix B to guide with the budget preparation. Once approved by the Department Head and the Dean, all of the above documentation will be forwarded to the Research & Grants Administration for review. The Research & Grants Administration will forward the documentation to Financial Operations for review prior to final approvals. Financial Operations will review the proposed budget for:

• Consistency of the proposed budget with the RFP
• Reasonableness of assumptions
• Correctness (the math works)
• Consistency with the University’s internal policies (salaries and wages, fringe benefits, indirect cost rates)
• Any University contributions (cash or in kind) have been approved by the appropriate people
• Determination on whether we can we provide the financial information the granting agency wants, both in the application and in interim and financial reports

In order to provide adequate time for a quality review, and to facilitate comments and revisions, the proposal documentation needs to be submitted to the Research & Grants Administration at least three weeks before the submission deadline when the review will take place during the fall or spring semesters. In order to accommodate holiday and vacation work schedules, proposal documentation needs to be provided four weeks before the submission deadline when the review is take to place over holidays or the summer. Expedited review will be accommodated for grants under $5,000.

During the fall and spring semesters, Research & Grants Administration and Financial Operations will provide an initial review of the proposal and budget within a week of the initial submission.  If the review occurs over the summer or during extended holidays, Research & Grants Administration and Financial Operations will provide an initial review within two weeks of the initial submission.  Financial Operations will forward comments regarding the proposed budget to the principal investigator and to the Assistant Provost for Research & Graduate Studies.

The principal investigator will be responsible for making final changes to the proposal and the budget, for obtaining necessary final approvals from the Department Head, the Dean, the Assistant Provost for Research & Graduate Studies and Financial Operations (evidenced by signatures on the Research Proposal Process Form) for submission at least one week before the deadline.  Upon final approvals, the proposal will be submitted to the sponsoring/funding agency by an RMU designee.

In the case of award, Research & Grants Administration will forward copies of the award letter and any project related documents from the funding agency to the principal investigator(s), the Department Head, the Dean and Financial Operations. An initial project meeting will be arranged with the principal investigator, Assistant Provost for Research & Graduate Studies and Financial Operations.  During the initial project meeting, participants will establish a project schedule that meets the sponsoring/funding agency's conditions for progress reports, financial reports and audits.