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Through the WLMP, students are exposed to new ideas, perspectives, people, tools, and opportunities that push them to think and act critically around issues of women in leadership. The WLMP programs are designed to:

  • Increase understanding of the status of women in society.
  • Expose the successes and challenges of women in leadership.
  • Expand understanding of and capacity for leadership and engagement.
  • Understand the sociopolitical landscape shaping women's leadership opportunities.
  • Apply psycho-social tools to navigate the challenges of women in leadership.
  • Support students as they digest this information and decide their place in this terrain.

Another big piece of the WLMP is the mentorship aspectthe "M" in the WLMP. Our program builds relationships where WLMP participants: 

  • Get to know each another.
  • Share interests, experiences, and ideas.
  • Network with RMU administrators, staff, and faculty.
  • Connect with new or returning students and students of diverse backgrounds.
  • Engage in mutually beneficial relationships with each other.

Ultimately, the WLMP staff and advisors hope that the WLMP contributes to each student's "hardiness" (a term use by social scientists), resiliency, and ability to thrive. For more information on the WLMP's impact, please click here.